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Crochet Abbreviations & More

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Commonly used Abbreviations and other helpful information for My Crafty Pursuits patterns.

I use US terms and generally crochet from right to left, so that is the way the patterns are written.



Full word &/or Explanation. Some links to various tutorials


Magic Ring- make a loop leaving tail of yarn in back, use hook pull working yarn through the loop and chain, then begin your sc around (Or chain two, work in second chain from hook.) Tutorial:


Stitch / Stitches




slip stitch


single crochet


chain space, chain one between stitches skipping one crochet space (or multiple if noted)


half double crochet


linked dc

double crochet

linked dc is a dc that picks up the 1st loop through the side bar of the previous dc



treble crochet


Puff stitch, yo and insert hook through previous st pull a loop through 4 times, yo and pull through 8 loops on hook, yo pull through last two loops,

Video Tutorial:


​Camel stitch- working in the 3rd loop of the hdc of the previous row (see special stitches page)

Video Tutorial:


Twisted sc, insert hook pull a loop, turn hook 360 degrees clockwise, yo pull loop through the two twisted loops on hook, see special stitches for further instruction.

Video Tutorial:


​Extended st, before pulling the last loop pull through on loop then yarn over and pull through remaining loops. Exp: ext-hdc (extended half double crochet), yo, insert hook pull a loop through, yo, pull through one loop, yarn over pull through three loops left on hook, see special stitches for further instruction.

Video Tutorial:


Can be done with sc, dc, or tr. (ex: sc-v-stitch 1, sc 1 ch 1 sc 1 in same stitch)


chain and slst last chain to first chain (ex: ch3picot, chain 3 and slst into first chain made)


decreasing number of stitches by stitching two or more stitches from the previous row together

can be made with sc, dc, or tr (ex: sc2tog, one sc with pulling bottom loop through two previous stitches)


Foundation, example Fhdc = foundation half double crochet, Tutorial:


yarn over

Stitch Location


Stitch Location


back bump (or back bar). The back side of the chain, the 3rd loop, when worked in forces the main two loops to one side.


Back Loop Only

Working in the back loop (farthest one from you) of the stitch from the previous Row/Rnd


Front Loops Only

Working in the font loop (closest one from you) of the stitch from the previous Row/Rnd


Font Post

Working around post (or body) on the front (side facing toward you) of the stitch from the previous Row/Rnd


Back Post

Working around post (or body) on the back (side facing away from you) of the stitch from the previous Row/Rnd,

Other Notations Helpful to Know in the Patterns


Description and important information to follow


Row: working back and forth


Round: working entire circumference of piece. This could mean working in the side bars of previous rows made.

sN vs Ns

If the number is before the stitch, that number of stitches in one stitch. if the number is after the stitch, that stitch is done over that number of stitches of previous row. Example 5dc = 5 dc in next stitch, dc 5 = dc over the next five stitches

[ sN, sN ] x N

Do what is between the brackets ( […] ) for the indicated number of times (x N). example [sc 1, 2dc, tr 1] x 5: you would single crochet, two double crochet, treble crochet and repeat that sequence five times for a total of 20 stitches across the 15 stitches of the previous row.


The number in parenthesis at the end of the Row/Rnd is the total number of stitches that Row/Rnd should have


Color Change, switching which color yarn is the working color. Tutorial video:

Helpful Tips

In general, it is always helpful to read through a pattern particularly the "Notes" section before starting a project. Even though it seems very few people actually do this (I might possibly be one that does not do this each time, unless I am testing a pattern)

Weave in ends with a tapestry needle, a sort tutorial video:

Clean up CC:

Tutorial Videos

More tutorials add with each new pattern released and with each pattern revised.

mini add ons, quick tutorials, and other crochet related mini videos on TikTok

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