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Simple Pumpkin - Crochet Pattern

I wanted a Pumpkin Pattern for every day in September's Pumpkin Palooza blog hop that was hosted by Pineapple & Pine. I had found a couple of pumpkin patterns to fill the Sundays of September's Pumpkin Palooza; I created this Simple Pumpkin pattern to share with everyone on the last day of Pumpkin Palooza, just in case anyone else wanted to make a Sunday pumpkin!

Pattern Free on Ribblr on 9/25/22 to close out this years Pumpkin Palooza

Hope you were able to join the Pineapple & Pine Blog Hop and collect all the FREE pumpkin patterns!

If you missed any of it you can get the whole Pumpkin Pattern Bundle here until 9/27/22.

Check out the Pumpkin Palooza 2022 Blog for more information on what Pumpkin Palooza is all about.

This Pattern came about to show the texture difference between just using a single crochet stitch vs. the stitch combination used for the Pumpkin Spider Amigurumi.

I hope you enjoy this Simple Pumpkin, if you want the pdf for this pumpkin you can get it from the links below

If you have Ribblr and like to use that as your preferred way to follow patterns you can find the link here

Simple Pumpkin- Crochet Pattern



Two colors of acrylic worsted/Standard 4 weight

I used:

¹ Red Heart: Patty Green – 8 to 10 yards

² Big Twist: Varsity Orange – 30 yards

Crochet Hook:

7 (4.50 mm) hook

Other Supplies:

Scissors, Tapestry needle, Poly-fill(or other stuffing material)

and Stitch markers


Tags (in place of the leaf), and/or Jewelry wire

Gauge swatch

Gauge is not important for this project, however, this is my gauge and influences the final pumpkin measurements. If your gauge is more or less your pumpkin will be bigger or smaller accordingly.

With 7 (4.50mm) hook and worsted (4) weight 100% acrylic yarn

Ch 15, Row 1: in 2nd bb from hook sc 14, Row 2 – 14: ch 1, turn, sc 14

Measures: 4” x 4”

Final Measurements when the gauge is met: 5” wide and 2” tall


-It can be beneficial to look through the entire pattern before starting.

-The pattern is written in standard US terminology and written working right-handed

-The 1st and/or last ch 1 of the Row/Rnd does not count as a stitch unless otherwise noted

-The slst at the end of a Rnd is to be pulled tight and not counted as a stitch

-There are multiple video links that will go to a TikTok tutorial for the Pumpkin Spider Pattern that apply to various parts of this Simple Pumpkin.

-The stem and body of the pumpkin are worked in continuous rounds (meaning NO turning at the end of each Rnd),

-To help track each Rnd place a stitch marker in the last stitch of the Rnd

Abbreviations and stitches that could be helpful to know

ch - chain

slst - slip stitch

sc - single crochet

dc - double crochet

hdc - half double crochet

tog - decreasing the number of stitches by stitching two or more stitches from the previous row together. can be made with sc, dc, or tr (ex: sc2tog, one sc with pulling the bottom loop through two previous stitches)

MR - Magic Ring- make a loop leaving the tail of yarn in back, use hood pull working yarn through the loop and chain, then begin your sc around (Or chain two, work in the second chain from hook.)

Video of how to do the Magic Ring:

Stitch Location

bb - Back Bump. The back side of the chain, the 3rd loop, when worked in forces the main two loops to one side.

BLO - Back loop only

FLO - Front loops only

Other important information

Row - Row, working back and forth

Rnd - Round, working the entire circumference of the piece. This could mean working in the sidebars of previous Rnd or Rows made.

sN vs Ns - If the number is before the stitch, that number of stitches in one stitch. If the number is after the stitch, that stitch is done over that number of stitches of the previous row. Example 5dc = 5 dc in next stitch, dc 5 = dc over the next five stitches

[ sN, sN ]xN - Do what is between the brackets ( […] ) for the indicated number of times example [sc 1, 2dc, tr 1] x 5: you would single crochet, two double crochet, treble crochet and repeat that sequence five times for a total of 20 stitches across the 15 stitches of the previous row.

CC - Color Change, switching which color yarn is the working color



Red Heart: Patty Green- 4yards

Start with a MR

Rnd 1: sc 6, slst into 1st stitch, ch 1 (6)

Rnd 2: BLO- sc 6, slst into 1st stitch, ch 1 (6)

Rnd 3-5: sc 6, slst into 1st stitch, ch 1 (6)

**Note: you can make your stem longer or shorter by the number of

sc 6 Rows above you decide to do

Rnd 6: FLO- [sc 1, 2sc]x3, slst into 1st stitch, ch 1 (9)

Rnd 7: [sc 2, 2sc]x3, slst into 1st stitch (12)

CC: Orange, cut and tie off Green

Pumpkin Body

Big Twist: Varsity Orange- 30yards

Working from CC after Rnd 7 of the stem

Rnd 1: ch 1, BLO- [2sc]x12 (24)

Rnd 2: BLO-[2sc, sc 1]x12 (36)

Rnd 3: [sc 5, BLO-sc 1]x6 (36)

Note: at the end of the body to make the ridges we will be going in the

front loops left from the BLO-sc. if you need you can add stitch markers

to each front loop left from your back loop stitches to easily see them later.

Rnd 4: [sc 2, 2sc, sc 2, BLO-sc 1]x6 (42)

Rnd 5- 10: [sc 6, BLO-sc 1]x6 (42)

Rnd 11: [sc 2, sc2tog, sc 2, BLO-sc 1]x6 (36)

Rnd 12: [sc 5, BLO-sc 1]x6 (36)

Rnd 13: [sc2tog, sc 1, sc2tog, BLO-sc]x6 (24)

Rnd 14: [sc 1, sc2tog, BLO-sc]x6 (18)

Start adding stuffing

Rnd 15: [sc2tog, BLO-sc]x6 (12)

Rnd 16: [sc2tog]x6 (6)

Finish stuffing: **NOTE: should be filled out but not firmly stuffed as we will be making ridges.

Close the hole by looping through the FLO of each of the last 6 stitches and pulling the hole closed.

Leave a long (18” to 20”) tail for making ridges, cut and tie

Making Ridges

Video: for the spider pumpkin, however still applies to how to make the ridges for this Simple Pumpkin

Weave the tail through the FLO of the BLO-sc stitches, weave under the stem and pull through the center of the pumpkin out the bottom, pull firm to create the ridge and repeat on the other 5 segments, on the last one, tie off and weave in ends. **NOTE: it can help to tie a knot at the bottom after pulling each segment firm.


Red Heart: Patty Green- 3yards

**Note: placing jewelry wire along your chain and working your stitches around will help the leaf hold shape.

Video: for how to make the leaf

Ch 12 – place a stitch marker in the 4th ch from the hook (this stitch is the stitch Row 1- 5 will chain from.

Row 1: In 2nd bb from hook slst 1, sc 1, hdc 1 (in stitch marked stitch), ch 6

Row 2: In 2nd bb from hook slst 1, sc 2, hdc 2, sc 1 (in stitch marked stitch), ch 8

Row 3: In 2nd bb from hook slst 1, sc 2, hdc 1, dc 2, hdc 1, sc 1 (in stitch marked stitch), ch 6

Row 4: In 2nd bb from hook slst 1, sc 2, hdc 2, sc 1 (in stitch marked stitch), ch 4

Row 5: In 2nd bb from hook slst 1, sc 2, hdc 1 (in stitch marked stitch)

Row 6: working in beginning ch, slst 7

Leave 6” tail for attaching to base of stem, cut and tie off.

**Note: for a thicker stem work sc instead of slst for Row 6

**Note: if you prefer you can add a tag instead of a leaf


Red Heart: Patty Green- 2 ½ yards

Ch 17

Row 1: in 2nd bb from hook sc 1, [2sc, 3sc, sc 1]x5 (31)

Leave 6” tail for attaching to base of stem, cut and tie off.


**NOTE: you can make this as long or short as you would like by changing the length of your chain and repeating the sequence of Row 1 to the end of your chain.

For a tighter curl in your vine you can repeat [2sc, 3sc] for the length of your chain.

I hope you enjoy your finished Pumpkin!

I would love to see your makes, tag me @MyCraftyPursuits

For more Inspiration

Simple Pumpkins from some Fantastic Testers

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