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Scrap Yarn! What shall I do with it all?

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

I save all the leftover bits of yarn from all my projects, now I have bags, bins, and cubbies filled with tiny balls of yarn! Maybe, this is just a me problem? no, you too?

What do you do with all your scrap yarn?

One great way to use up these scraps is to join the SCRAP-tastic Blog Hop! This blog hop starts October 1st, 2022, and has one featured pattern each day until Halloween 2022. Each feature pattern will be Free for the 24 hours it is featured.

Collect all the patterns of this Blog Hop daily throughout October by visiting the Host site. Regina P Designs is the fabulous host of this SCRAP-tastic Blog Hop. You can get to the host site to collect the code and find the featured pattern of the day by clicking the "GET THE CODE" button!

Or get all the Scrap-tastic patterns now by clicking "BUY THE BUNDLE", this amazing bundle has 31 patterns all for 9.99! Huge one-time discount, that will be available from now until November 2nd, 2022.

I love blog hops and I am excited for this one with all the fun patterns that will help me use up some of these scraps.

However, blog hops are only around for a short time, so let us explore some ways we can use up all these scraps!

I will be updating this post with little patterns to help use up some of these scraps. If you have some requests for small scrappy projects please let me know on Instagram @MyCraftyPursuits and I will add your ideas and requests to the list of projects for this blog post! I look forward to hearing from you.

Gauge is not super important for these Scrappy Projects, however in individual blog posts and PDF patterns there are gauge swatches for each project. Most of the Scrappy Projects also work up more quickly than a 4x4 gauge swatch.

First up on the list of Scrappy projects, are appliques. Appliques are a fantastic way to start using up some of those scraps, as most appliques will take no more than 15 yards of yarn. My favorite applique is the heart. Hearts can be applied to so many different projects in so many different ways.

First pattern will be a quick heart applique, that can be turned into a pin, magnet or embellishment for another project.

Heart Applique

Measurements: 3cm tall, 4cm wide

Supplies Needed:

Worsted (4) Weight Acrylic Yarn (Red Heart-Red) 2 yards

F (3.75mm) Hook

Scissors, Tapestry Needle, and the project you want to put a heart on

Heart Applique Pattern

Start with a MR work all the following stitches in the MR

sc 1, dc 1, tr 2, dc 1, hdc 1, sc 3, picot (ch 2-slst back into the 1st ch), sc 3, hdc 1, dc 1, tr 2, dc 1, sc 1, pull MR tight and place a slst through the center, cut & tie off.

leave a long tail if you want to sew it onto another with the color of the heart.

Show me your Heart Appliques by tagging me @MyCraftyPursuits


These appliques can be turned into a pin or magnet using crafting pins and hot gluing (or sewing) them to the back of the applique. See a quick video of the heart appliques becoming a pin and a magnet.

The next project to use up some of that scrap yarn you have laying around will be Little Pumpkin! This little puff pumpkin can be turned into a keychain or be a great embellishment for another project.

Little Puff Pumpkin


2cm tall, 4cm wide

Supplies Needed:

Worsted (4) Weight Acrylic Yarn (Red Heart-Orange) 6 yards

Worsted (4) Weight Acrylic Yarn (Red Heart-Green) 1½ yards

D (3.00mm) Hook

Scissors, tapestry needle, poly-fill(stuffing), and keychain (and jewelry pliers to secure keychain chain)

Little Puff Pumpkin- Crochet Pattern

Note: Special Stitch- Puff, (yo, pull a loop through) four times, yo pull through all 9 loops on hook

Start with a MR

Rnd 1: sc 4 in MR (4)

Rnd 2: [2sc]x4 (8)

Rnd 3: BLO [sc 1, puff]x4 (8)

Rnd 4: [sc 1, (puff & sc in same st)]x4 (12)

Rnd 5: [sc 1, puff 2]x 4 (12)

Begin adding a little stuffing

Rnd 6: [sc 1, puff2tog]x4 (8)

Finish stuffing

Rnd 7: [sc2tog]x4 (4)

CC: green, leaving a long tail of orange to make the ridges more prominent

Row 8: slst through the last and 2nd sts of Rnd 7, ch 5, in 2nd bb from hook slst 1, sc 2 in bb of ch, sk st, slst into 1st slst of this row.

Optional Row 8: slst through the last and 2nd sts of Rnd 7, ch 5, starting in 2nd bb from hook slst 4, slst into 1st slst of this row.

Cut, tie & weave in ends of green


With the tail of the orange on a tapestry needle, pull the tail to the bottom of the pumpkin through the center. Pull the tapestry needle through the center again keeping the tail of the orange on the sc lines, do this 4 times pulling the tail firm each time, see video for more instructions.

Cut, tie, and weave in ends.

Some Options for your little pumpkin:


making it into a keychain add the keychain by slipping the end chain of the ring through the top of the stem, use jewelry pliers to make this process easier.

add it to other projects:

such as giving the gnome something to hold.

Make it small

for a tiny pumpkin, you can do Rnds 1,2,3,7,&8

Make it big

for a slightly larger pumpkin, you can start with sc 6 in the MR and do multiples of 6 instead of multiples of 4 on each Rnd, as well as repeat Rnd 5 once more.

Show me what you do with your little pumpkins by tagging me @MyCraftyPursuits


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