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Gifting Gnome: A Crochet Pattern

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Gifting Gnome is one of my favorite projects. Cute and functional; this little guy holds small

items the size of a single-shot bottle.

. .






If drinking is not your thing; other small items such as body spray, hand sanitizer, and lip products also fit great!

Super cute gift-holding gnomes also work up quickly, so if you have multiple small gifts to give this is the perfect project for you.

This Gifting Gnome is pleased to be a part of the Gifts Galore Blog Hop Hosted by Carroway Crochet November 2023!

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Below is the pattern for these Gifting Gnomes, however, if you prefer the pattern in pdf or digital tracking forms, or you just want to support my crafting and pattern-making endeavors, Gifting Gnome Pattern is available in my Ribblr, Ravelry, & Etsy shops (Etsy might be expired due to fees associated with posting). The Pdf pattern has photos to go along with each step, this blog post has a video that you can watch while you make it for more of a visual aid.

During my feature day of this Blog Hop, the pdf of Gifting Gnome crochet pattern will be Free on Ravelry with code from the host site. and the pattern will be one dollar on Ribblr for the duration of the hop!


Yarn: Four colors of worsted/Standard 4 weight acrylic yarn

I used:

¹ (hat) Red Heart: Dark Red- 14 yrds

² (shirt) Lion Brand One Pound: Cherry- 17½ yrds

³ (beard & brows) Red Heart: White- 3½ yrds

⁴(face & hands) Red Heart: Sand-5 yrds

Crochet Hook:

7 (4.50 mm) hook

E (3.50mm) hook

Other Supplies:

Scissors, Tapestry needle, Stitch markers, Plastic Shot Glass,

Rubber band/elastic

Optional Supplies:

Pipe Cleaners, Google eyes and hot glue supplies or other adhesive that will secure the eyes to the face,

Jewelry pliers can be helpful when working with the pipe cleaners for the arms

An single shot bottle, or whatever you want to put inside your gifting gnome


-It can be beneficial to look through the entire pattern before starting.

-The pattern is written in standard US terminology and written working right-handed

-I used 2oz disposable measuring cups for mine, however, a shot glass is close to the same dimensions

-after 1st Rnd of any section pull MR tight

-when working continuous Rnds, place a stitch marker in the last stitch of the Rnd to help track each Rnd

Video Tutorial:

Measurements of Finished Product:

Overall: 8” tall x 4” wide

Base: 2½” tall, 2½” wide

Hat: 4¼” tall, 2½” wide

Gauge swatch:

Gauge is not important for this project; however, this is my gauge and influences the final measurements. If your gauge is more or less your gnome will be bigger or smaller accordingly.

With 7 (4.50mm) hook and worsted (4) weight 100% acrylic yarn

Ch 15, Row 1: in 2nd bb from hook sc 14, Row 2 – 14: ch 1, turn, sc 14

Measures: 4” x 4

Abbreviations, stitches, & helpful Information:

Gifting Gnome Crochet Pattern

Body/ Shirt:

Lion Brand One Pound: Cherry 13 ½ yrds

Hook 7 (4.50mm)

Work in continuous Rnds until noted to join


Rnd 1: sc 7 (7)

Rnd 2: [2sc]x7 9 (14)

Rnd 3: [2sc, sc2]x4, sc 2 (18)

Rnd 4: BLO- sc 18 (18)

Rnd 5: sc 18 (18)

Rnd 6: [sc 8, 2sc]x2 (20)

Rnd 7: sc 20 (20)

Rnd 8: [sc 4, 2sc]x4 (24)

Rnd 9 -12: sc 24 (24)

Note: for Rnd 13 we will be securing the Rubber band into place

Rubber band tutorial on page 7 of PDF pattern.

Rubber band tutorial at 9:27 video:

Rnd 13: hdc 24 (24)

(Holding rubber band at top of row 12 and working the hdc around the band)

slst to join to 1st hdc of Rnd 13, cut, tie, and wave in ends


Red Heart: Dark Red 14 yrds

Hook 7 (4.50mm)

Work in continuous Rnds until noted to join


Rnd 1: sc 3 (3)

Rnd 2: 2sc, sc 1, 2sc (5)

Rnd 3: 2sc, sc 4 (6)

Rnd 4: sc 6 (6)

Rnd 5: [2sc, sc 2]x2 (8)

Rnd 6: [2sc, sc 3]x2 (10)

Rnd 7: [sc 4, 2sc]x2 (12)

Rnd 8: [2sc, sc 3]x3 (15)

Rnd 9: sc 15 (15)

Rnd 10: [sc 4, 2sc]x3 (18)

Rnd 11: [sc 5, 2sc]x3 (21)

Rnd 12: [sc 6, 2sc]x3 (24)

Rnd 13 -15: sc 24 (24)

Rnd 16: hdc 24 (24)

slst to join to 1st hdc of Rnd 16, cut, tie, and wave in ends


Red Heart: White 3½ yrds

Hook 7 (4.50mm)

Ch 2

Row 1: in 2nd bb from hook, sc 1 (1)

Row 2: ch 1, turn, 2sc (2)

Row 3: ch 1, turn, [2sc]x2 (4)

Row 4: ch 1, turn, 2sc, sc 2, 2sc (6)

Row 5-7: ch 1, turn, sc 6 (6)

Row 8: ch 1, do not turn, sc 6 (down side), sc-picot-sc (at row 1), sc 6 (up side), ch 1 (15)

slst in 1st st of Row 7. Leave tail for sewing on, cut, &tie


Red Heart: Sand 3yrds

Hook E (3.50mm)

Slst into the BLO of the last ch 1 from Rnd 8 of Beard

Row 1: BLO- sc 8

Note: 1st sc in same stitch that was slst into

Row 2: ch2, turn, dc 2, hdc, sc 2, hdc, dc 2 (8)

Row 3: ch 2, turn, dc, hdc, sc, slst2tog, sc, hdc, dc (7)

Row 4: ch 1, turn, sc 7 (7)

Row 5: ch 1, no turn, slst 6 (down side) (6)

Row 6: ch 1, turn, sc 6, 3sc (corner), sc 6, 3sc (corner), sc 6 (down side) (24) slst in next st, cut, tie & weave in ends

Hands (make 2)

Red Heart: Sand 1yrd per hand

Hook E (3.50mm)


Rnd 1: sc 4 (4)

Rnd 2: [2sc, sc 1]x2 (6)

Rnd 3: sc 6 (6)

CC: to arm color, cut, tie, weave in ends, continue on to arm

Arms (make 2)

Lion Brand One Pound: Cherry 2yrds per arm

Hook E (3.50mm)

Continuing from hand

Rnd 1: BLO- 2sc, sc 5 (7)

Rnd 2-6: sc 7 (7)

Slst in next 2 sts, leave tail for sewing, cut, & tie.


Finishing the face embellishments and securing the face and arms to body.

Hot glue google eyes to face and create eyebrows with a small scrap of the white (6” to 8”), place eyes and brows so your gnome has the expression you want it to have. With a long strand of the face color loop around two sts at Row 1 between eyes, secure strand and weave in ends (if unsure of how to do the nose you can watch the video in the notes sections)

Face embellishments

Sew beard to body. Row between face and beard sewn to

Rnd 13 of body, sew down sides of beard to point that will

be sewn to Rnd 5 of body.

If desired add pipe cleaners to body where arms will go to add bend to the arms. You can secure the pipe cleaners by wrapping them around one st that will be covered by the arm hole. It can be helpful to secure the pipe cleaner by twisting it around itself with the jewelry pliers.

Sew arms to side 1 or 2 sts out from the beard on each side

Between Rnds 10 & 11.

Add what you want inside your Gnome, an place the hat.

Yay! You have made a Gifting Gnome, the last thing to do is to gift your gnome!

Be sure to grab your Coupon Code from the Gifts Galor host site and Download your Free pdf pattern here on my featured day November 7th 2023!

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