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Stinger The Bee - Crochet Pattern

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Arrow dynamic with a Squeak!

These bees were designed with little squeakers in them to create a fun stress-reducing nicknack for my students this quarter.

These little bees work up quick! And make great gifts for those who need a little pick-me-up.

I had made a bunch of these little bees to give my nursing students on the last day of clinical. little squishy squeaking bee for some stress relief while the study for their finals.

As well as having the pattern here for you I also offer a pdf version on Ravelry and offer it on Ribblr.

I also got a special request to make a YouTube tutorial for this little guy so Stinger the Bee is my first YouTube video. I hope it is easy to follow along and you enjoy your Bees as much as I have enjoyed giving my Bees away.

2023 Edit:

This Pattern has been accepted into the 31 Days of Crochet Challenge Blog Hop!

This blog hop is hosted by Stardust Gold Crochet, each day of March there will be a featured pattern each day and for 24 hours that pattern will be free with the coupon code.

There is also a pattern bundle with all 31 patterns in that you can get in the month of March for just $17.00! huge discount to get all these amazing patterns and a portion of all bundle sales will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!


Yarn worsted weight (medium weight)

¹Yellow – 5 yards

²Black – 3 yards

³Gray – ½ yard aka 18 inches

⁴White – 4 yards

E (3.50mm) Hook

D (3.00mm) Hook


Tapestry needle

Stuffing (poly-fill)

Safety eyes 4 to 8 mm

Squeaker – size 35mm / 4cm

Tulle – approximately 14”x 2” piece of material

Needle and Thread

Abbreviations and terms:

ch- chain

slst- slip stitch

sc – single crochet

BLO- back loops only

FLO- front loops only

bb- back bump

Xsc- will single crochet X in the next stitch

sc X- will single crochet across X stitches

[y]xZ - repeat what is in the brackets for the number (Z) of times (x) indicated

CC: Change Color, switch what color of yarn is being used.

Row- working stitches back and forth

Rnd- Round, working in continuous circle unless noted to join stitches


  1. As always it could be helpful to read through the pattern completely before starting

  2. The slst at the end of each Rnd is to be pulled tight as to be invisible, it is not meant to be a stitch but a way to join the first and last stitch of the Rnd

  3. When changing colors, pull a loop of the new color through the working color. Then pull the working color tight so you only have a loop of the new color you are working with

  4. The number in parenthesis at the end of the Row or Rnd is the total number of stitches that should have happened in that Row or Rnd

Body of the Bee: we will build the bee from stinger to face.

Start with ³Gray yarn and D Hook: ch 3

Row 1:slst into 2nd bb from hook, sc 1in next bb (2)

Rnd 2: in same stitch as the sc from Row 1, sc 4, slst into 1st sc (4)

Rnd 3: CC: ²Black, ch 1, sc 1, [2sc]x2, sc 1, slst into 1st sc (6)

*This Rnd 3 could be easier to do FLO*

-Cut, tie and weave in ends of ³Gray

**do not cut black, carry through on the inside**

Rnd 4: CC: ¹Yellow, ch 1, [sc 1,2sc]x3, slst into 1st sc (9)

**do not cut yellow, carry through on the inside**

Rnd 5: (Switch to E Hook) CC: ²Black, ch 1, [sc 2, 2sc]x3, slst into 1st sc (12)

Rnd 6: CC: ¹Yellow, ch 1, [sc 3, 2sc]x3, slst into 1st sc (15)

Rnd 7: CC: ²Black, ch 1, sc 15, slst into 1st sc (15)

Rnd 8: CC: ¹Yellow, ch 1, sc 15, slst into 1st sc (15)

Rnd 9: CC: ²Black, ch 1, sc 15, slst into 1st sc (15)

Leaving a long tail of black to emborder eyes, if not using other eyes, cut and tie off ²Black

Rnd 10: CC: ¹Yellow, ch 1, sc 15, slst into 1st sc (15)

Rnd 11: ch 1, sc 15, slst into 1st sc (15)

-If using Tulle for Wings: weave Tulle between Rnds 10&11, pulling up a loop between the 5th&6th,6th& 7th, 9th&10th, and 10th&11th stitches. On the inside with ends of tulle weave in one loop of the 8th stitch in Rnd 10, tie secure. If desired can secure wings further with a needle and thread. You could also use this thread to create veining in the wings.

-This is also a good time to insert the Squeaker

Rnd 12: ch 1, [sc 3, sc2tog]x3, slst into 1st sc (12)

-Add a little bit of stuffing on each side of the Bee to give Stinger a little more roundness if you had added the squeaker. If no squeaker was added, stuff bee to desired firmness.

Rnd 13: ch 1, [sc2tog]x6, slst into 1st sc (6)

Leave long tail for sewing face hole closed, cut and tie off ¹Yellow

-With ²Black tail, emborder eyes at Rnd 12 inline with wings, if adding safety eyes do this now in the same place as the eyes would be embordered, if gluing on eyes do this after you sew up the face hole.

-Add a little stuffing to face

-With ¹Yellow weave through BLO of Rnd 13, pull tight to close hole. You can also use this long tail to secure the wings if you did not want to do it with needle and thread. tie off and weave in ends.

If not using tulle for wings:

Crochet Wings:

With White and D Hook: ch 13

Row 1: in 2nd bb, sc 1, hdc 1, dc 1, hdc 1, sc 1, slst 2, sc 1, hdc 1, dc 1, hdc 1, sc 1 (12)

Row 2: ch 1, turn, slst 2, 3sc, slst 6, 3sc, slst 2 (16)

cut, tie and weave in ends

weave wings between stitches 6 and 8 at Row 8

Can sew on to secure.

Thank you to my Fantastic Pattern Testers!

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