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Simple Cowl-Crochet Pattern

Simple Cowl Crochet Pattern is now part of a Blog Hop happening May 2023

Simple Cowl Crochet Pattern

Sunflower Cottage Crochet is hosting a Donation Box crochet challenge, all items in the Round-up are designed to be good items for the donation box.

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Round-up crochet patterns

You can find the Simple Cowl pdf pattern on Ravelry and the e-pattern on Ribblr

Ravelry Crochet Pattern
Ribblr E-pattern

Simple Cowl Crochet Pattern

for Abbreviations and pattern layout help- click here.


Red Heart: Sage – 365yds

Red Heart: Country Blue- 50 yards

G (4.00mm) hook


Note: Rnds are worked continuous, no joining until noted to do so

Row/Rnd 1: leave a tail, Fhdc 92 (92)

*place a stitch marker in the last st of the row

Note: if you do not want to do a foundation hdc, you can ch 93, turn,

Hdc 92 in the bb of the chain

Note: The 1st dc of Rnd 2 will be worked into the 1st hdc of Row/Rnd 1, Make sure Row/Rnd 1 is not twisted when starting Rnd 2.

Rnd 2: dc 1, linked-dc 91 (92)

Note: placing a stitch marker in the last stitch of the Rnd can help track the Rnds Rnd 3: hdc 92 (92)

Rnd 4: dc 1, linked-dc 91 (92)

Rnd 5- 36: Repeat Rnd 3 for all odd Rnds and Rnd 4

for all even Rnds (92)

CC: Country Blue, tie off and weave in ends of Sage

Rnd 37-40: Repeat Rnd 3 for all odd Rnds and Rnd 4

for all even Rnds (92)

Rnd 41: [hdc2tog, hdc 44]x2 (90)

Rnd 42: hdc 90 (90)

Rnd 43: sc 90 (90)

Slst in next 2 st, cut & tie

Optional: With the tail from Rnd 1 you can loop through the

chain for the last foundation hdc and tie to close the slit from

making a foundation row

Weave in all ends.

Wear to stay warm!

download crochet pattern

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