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Pumpkin Palooza!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Yay! It is Pumpkin Palooza time!

Here will be my Round-up of all the Pumpkin Palooza Crochet Pumpkins

Pumpkin Palooza 2022 will begin on September 1st and have a featured Pumpkin-themed pattern for the first three weeks of September. The last week of September is a Crochet-ALong (CAL) for all the pumpkin patterns featured. I hope you join me in making all the PUMPKINS!

The Blog Hop is hosted by Pineapple & Pine and you can find a pattern Monday through Saturday from the 1st to the 24th.

Info-graph here:

These two Link will take you to Pineapple & Pine's Blog Hop page for you to collect your coupon code so you can get the pdf pattern for FREE on the feature day of each pattern!

The first 10 patterns of this event will be hosted by Crafting for Weeks, this Host Blog will take you there from 9/1 to 9/12

The second 11 patterns will be hosted by A Plush Pineapple, this Host Blog will take you there from 9/13 to 9/24

We encourage you to crochet-a-long with us as each pumpkin pattern is released; the 25th to the 30th is the official CAL part of Pumpkin Palooza. I look forward to seeing all your crafty makes!

Each day of Pumpkin Palooza I will update this blog with the feature Pumpkin Pattern of the day; The pattern photo and my make using that featured pattern of the day!

Last year I made all the pumpkins of Pumpkin Palooza.

This year I am excited to be participating as a Designer as well as a maker.

These are all the pumpkins I made during the 2021 Pumpkin Palooza Blog Hop hosted by Pineapple & Pine!

During the CAL last year Pineapple & Pine had a raffle and I won Pumpkin Leaf Tags provided by Kathy's Kozies. I will use many of the tags in this year's makes. If you don't already follow kathyskozies, check them out! (They also are the designer of September 2nd featured pumpkin pattern)

Super excited to be a part of this blog hop with some fantastic designers and ecstatic to be making all the wonderful pumpkins of Pumpkin Palooza 2022!

If you don't want to wait for a pattern a day throughout September you can get them all using this Crochet Bundle link now!

21 pumpkin patterns (20 crochet pumpkin/pumpkin-themed patterns and 1 knit pumpkin pattern), & 2 printables (pumpkin leaf tags and a cup template for cozies).

all for just 12.99!!!!!

You can purchase the bundle at any time between September 1st & September 27th, 2022.

Day 0 (End of August):

Prepping for Pumpkin Palooza

under each featured day I will post my makes of the feature pattern along with a link that will take you to that featured designer's blog and from there will be a button that looks like this:

for you to get the PDF pattern.

If the designer does not have a blog and only a Ravelry their link will take you to their Ravelry page.

To get your PDF pattern for FREE you can grab the coupon code from the Pineapple&Pine designated host site with the information and links above.

Day 1 (Thursday, September 1st):

This is the first pumpkin pattern of Pumpkin Palooza and the only knit pattern in this blog hop.

I learned to knit from my grandma when I was about six years old, however, I have not knitted anything since I was 11or 12 years old. As all the patterns last year were crochet patterns, and all the rest of the patterns this year are crochet, I was a little hesitant to make this one. but glad I did and re-learned how to knit.

Her YouTube video helped me a lot through this pattern!

(Click gourdgeous knits photo to get to the pattern)

Day 2 (Friday, September 2nd):

Todays Pumpkin is by Kathy's Kozies

She was a part of Pumpkin Palooza blog hop last year as well. She provided these awesome leather leaves from her shop as a prize for the crochet-along raffle! Super cute pumpkin with a great repetitive pattern for the base of the pumpkin, and a neat option for closing the ends of the pumpkin.

Day 3 (Saturday, September 3rd):

Today is my 1st feature day for this blog hop!

This creepy cute spider pumpkin is great for Halloween decor!

Free for the next 24hr on Ravelry and Ribblr!

Sunday, September 4th:

Sunday pumpkin, just to have one a day. This one is not part of

Pumpkin Palooza, so no free PDF, but it is a free blog pattern by Sweet Bee Crochet. these are super cute and work up quick!

Day 4 (Monday, September 5th):

This pattern is super fun and easy to make!

Love it in plush blanket yarn, makes a fabulous

couch pillow.

Day 5 (Tuesday, September 6th):

Today's pattern is a coffee cozy in a fun pumpkin theme. If you needed a way to have a little more fall

and a way to set your cup apart this is what you need.

I also had a lot of fun making the TikTok for this one!

This is the first of the two feature days The Coffee Shop Crochet has this blog hop.

Day 6 (Wednesday, September 7th):

Pumpkin Witch is today's pumpkin-themed pattern!

Will make for great Halloween decor. For the one I made I used 12mm safety eyes.

Day 7 (Thursday, September 8th):

Day 7, Super Cute Pumpkin Candy Dish.

This is a great functional make!

I used yarn instead of puff paint to do the smile but I may try out one with puff paint in the near future.

Day 8 (Friday, September 9th):

This is a great pattern for textured pumpkin! This pattern was also part of the 2021 Pumpkin Palooza Blog Hop.

The photo from 2021 does not have the best lighting but the pumpkin color chosen ended up being the same, however, I did make the smaller one this year, and used a lime green burlap instead of brown.

Day 9 (Saturday, September 10th):

I was able to test this pumpkin for this designer,

a few months before Pumpkin Palooza, so this make happened before Pumpkin Palooza got started. Very nice designer, with a super fun pattern that does the leaves in a unique and fun way.

Sunday, September 11th:

Again, Sundays are not officially a part of Pumpkin Palooza,

But I gotta do a pumpkin pattern a day throughout Pumpkin Palooza! This Pumpkin hat is from Jo To The World, link to the blog pattern when you click on her photo, same as all the designer pattern photos above. I was happy to test this hat pattern out for Jo, she is a wonderful designer and fun to test for.

Day 10 (Monday, September 12th):

Cute Bitty Buddy, Bitty Pumpkin. Part of stuck on you crochet

Halloween collection of Bitty Buddies.

This pattern is our halfway point in the Pumpkin Palooza blog hop!

What pumpkins have you made so far?

Day 11 (Tuesday, September 13th):

These Jelly Lanterns can be customized in so many fun

ways! I got some neat glass eyes and they work well in the middle of the triangles.

What are your favorite ways to customize your pumpkin patterns?

Day 12 (Wednesday, September 14th):

Phone case/ phone purse that is pumpkin themed.

I was excited to find a project that was perfect to use my spider button on! Debbie does not yet have a website but has set up shop on Ravelry for you to acquire and enjoy her patterns.

Day 13 (Thursday, September 15th):

Another Pumpkin from last year's Pumpkin Palooza,

this year I used a different color and made it a bit smaller.

I love the ways the fresh cinnamon sticks smell. the cinnamon sticks make a great addition to many crochet patterns.

Day 14 (Friday, September 16th):

This pattern was super easy to follow and fun to make

I love all the texture the bobbles give this pumpkin.

Have you grabbed your Bobbilicious pattern today?

Day 15 (Saturday, September 17th):

This super cute pumpkin is small and works up quick!

get the pattern by clicking on SSAS photos & see my makes on TikTok by clicking my mini pumpkin using SASS pattern.

Sunday, September 18th:

Once again, Sundays are not an official Pumpkin Palooza day.

This Puffy Pumpkin was a part of last year's Pumpkin Palooza and is one of my favorites! it features Tunisian crochet. This pattern is still on Raffamusa Designs website for you to view and make a puffy pumpkin!

Day 16 (Monday, September 19th):

This is a super pattern to make some home Halloween decor!

I did skip a couple of starting and ending rows as my pillow was a little more rectangular and not square, I also added a heart in the eye to give it a love&robots look.

Day 17 (Tuesday, September 20th):

This Ridges and Row pumpkin goes with Day 5 pumpkin cozy!

had fun making the TikTok for this pumpkin with the matching coffee cup cozy.

Do you like matchy patterns? Have you made both the little Ridged pumpkin and matchy cozy?

Day 18 (Wednesday, September 21st):

Today's Pumpkin is by one-half of Pineapple & Pine!

The color change paired with the stitch pattern makes such a cute little pumpkin! will definitely be making more of these.

What is your favorite stitch pattern for a pumpkin?

Day 19 (Thursday, September 22nd):

Today is my feature day number two!

Pumpkin pocket is free on Ravelry with the code from the host site and Free on Ribblr for 9/21/22, 9/22/22, & 9/23/22 PST.

Today is also my brothers birthday. Happy Birthday, Kalin!

Day 20 (Friday, September 23rd):

Fun pumpkin pattern, all the bobbles give it great texture.

Easy pattern to follow, from big bobble pumpkins to small bobble pumpkins.

Day 21 (Saturday, September 24th):

Today is the last day of Pineapple & Pine's

Pumpkin Palooza Blog Hop. This pattern is great for individual pumpkins or stackable pumpkins.

Sunday, September 25th:

One last Sunday pumpkin!

Not an official pumpkin palooza pumpkin, but my gift to you on Ribblr for the this very last Sunday to conclude pumpkin palooza.

Last Week of September - Crochet along time!

Tag all the Designers in the pumpkins you make from their patterns.

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