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Ice Cream Cone: Crochet Pattern

Updated: Apr 12

Ice Cream Cone crochet pattern was inspired by Chelan Ku and her Book #Just Can't Choose.

You can check out that book and all her books at or find her on facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She has wonderful children's books that are uplifting and provide good messages.

This ice cream cone also got to be a part of the Water Color Blog Hop hosted by My Fingers Fly.

The Blog Hop was July 2023; But wait good news, this ice cream will also get to be a part of the Baby Shower Blog Hop hosted by Ambassador Crochet as it is perfect rattle size of little hands and easy to add a noise maker inot the scoop of ice cream!

My Ice Cream Cone Pattern was featured on 7/3/23 in the watercolor hop and will be featured again on 4/20/24 in the Baby Shower Hop, you can get the pdf of this pattern off Ravelry for 50% off with the coupon code from the host site, or off Ribblr for the duration of the Hop.

The blog post here has the written instructions for the Ice Cream Cone crochet pattern, the pdf has a few photos throughout to help those who are more visual when they follow patterns. There is also a YouTube tutorial embedded here to follow along with, If this video is helpful you can find more crochet tutorials on my YouTube channel. would love to have you stop by, check them out, and subscribe!

Each day during the blog hop, a wonderful designer will have a turn being featured. During the 24 hours in which they are featured, you will be able to get their pattern for a discount with the coupon code! This is a great way to get introduced to some amazing designers and find out what your preferred pattern style is to follow. You can find the host blog with all the coupon codes here with the Blog Hop button.

If you don't want to wait or do all hopping; you can get all the patterns of the blog hop now, for just $12! with the "Baby Shower" button, the collection will only be available 4/14/24 to 5/11/24, after that, this amazing deal will be gone.

Here are some great designers participating in this blog hop.

Here are the links to the pdf pattern on Ravelry and the interactive pattern on Ribblr.

To Make the Ice Cream Cone you will need a few items and need to know a few abbreviations, if there are any abbreviations you do not know or any you need help with check out the abbreviations link.

for working through My Crafty Pursuit Patterns

Video Tutorial for this pattern.

if you find this video helpful, would love for you to subscribe to my channel to let me know I should make more!

Written Pattern for Ice Cream Cone


Yarn: Two colors of worsted/Standard 4 weight

I used:

¹ Red Heart: Soft Pink – 8 yards

² Red Heart: Brown – 6 yards

Crochet Hook(s):

G (4.00 mm) hook

Other Supplies:

Scissors, Tapestry needle, poly-fil (stuffing) & Stitch markers

Ice Cream & Cone:

¹Red Heart: Soft Pink – 8 yards

²Red Heart: Brown – 6 yards

G (4.00mm) Hook

Note: Working in continuous Rnds for this first 7 Rnds, joining when noted to do so. Each Rnd of the cone will join but will not turn.

MR with pink (or ice cream color)

Rnd 1: sc 5 in MR (5)

Rnd 2: [2sc]x5 (10)

Rnd 3: [sc 1, 2sc]x5 (15)

Rnd 4-7: sc 15 (15)

Note: the next Rnd, Rnd 8, is creating the bottom of the scoop of ice cream, the main one here is with puff sts, if you would like a different ruffle/boarder to the scoop before the cone see the options below then resume back at Rnd 9.

Note: the puffs may need to be “pushed” so they are puffing in the right direction

Rnd 8: FLO-[sc 1, puff]x7, sk 1, slst into 1st sc of Rnd to join (14)

See video At 3:46 & 5:20 for help with Rnd 8 & 9 CC: brown (or cone color)

Cut and tie off pink (ice cream color)

Note: Rnd 9 is worked in the Back Loops of Rnd 7, behind Rnd 8 sts.

Rnd 9: BLO-[sc 1, hdc 1]x7, sk 1, slst to join (14)

Start Stuffing

Rnd 10: ch 1, [hdc 1, sc 1]x7, slst to join (14)

Rnd 11: ch 1, [sc 1, hdc 1]x7, slst to join (14)

Rnd 12: ch 1, [sc 5, sc2tog]x2, slst to join (12)

Note: if you want to make a cup cone stop here and go to option for cup cone below.

Rnd 13: ch 1, [sc 1, hdc 1]x6, slst to join (12)

Rnd 14: ch 1, [hdc 1, sc 1]x6, slst to join (12)

Rnd 15: ch 1, [sc 2, sc2tog]x3, slst to join (9)

Note: if you want to add a face, stop here and check out the

Option below for how to make the face, then return where you left off.

Rnd 16: ch 1, sc 1 [hdc 1, sc1]x4, slst to join (9)

Finish stuffing

Rnd 17: ch 1, [sc 1, sc2tog]x3, slst to join (6)

Rnd 18: ch 1, [sc2tog]x3, slst to join (3)

Leave long tail to close hole. Cut and tie. Using tail weave in back loops of Rnd 18, pull tight to close hole, tie off and weave in ends.

Tester Photos for some more inspiration

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