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Crochet Pattern: Alien Coffee Cozy . . . . . Possibly Yoda Inspired

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Pattern by Alesha Reed

In 2019 I was asked to make a Starwars theme coffee cup cozy for a co-worker, and this is what I had created for them.

This Pattern got to be part of the SCRAP-tastic Blog Hop hosted by Regina P Designs, From October 1st to 31st, 2022.

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This Coffee Cozy pattern takes between 30 and 90 minutes for most people to complete. I have created a video tutorial for you to follow along with, just in case that is your preferred method of crocheting a pattern.

I would love to see your makes! find me and tag me on social @MyCraftyPursuits

Supplies Needed:

Yarn: three colors of worsted weight (standard/medium 4 weight)

I used: arylic worsted weight (for the ones in the progress photos)

color one - Green 21 yards

color two - Brown 4 ½ yards

color three - Black 2 yards


E (3.50mm)

H (5.00mm)


Tapestry Needle

Stitch Marker

Abbreviations Used:

MR - magic ring

ch - chain

slst - slip stitch

sc - single crochet

dc - double crochet

hdc - half double crochet

tog - together (also known as a decrease stitch)

bb - back bump

BLO - back loop only

Row - working back and forth

Rnd - working circumference of the piece

CC - color change

sN vs Ns -

If the number is before the stitch, that number of stitches in one stitch. if the number is after the stitch, that stitch is done over that number of stitches of the previous row. Example 5dc = 5 dc in next stitch, dc 5 = dc over the next five stitches

*sN, sN* x N -

Repeat what is between the asterisks (*) for the indicated number of repeat times (x N). example *sc 1, 2dc, tr 1* x 5: you would single crochet, two double crochet, treble crochet then repeat that sequence five times for a total of 20 stitches across the 15 stitches of the previous row.

Note: Hook sizes are the sizes of hooks I used, if you tend to crochet with a tight tension you may want to go up a hook size.


Base of Cozy:


Start with Color one (Green)

ch 30

Row 1: Working in bb, starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc 29 (29)

From here we will be working in rounds, use a stitch marker last stitch in the round

Rnd 2: Starting in the 1st sc of row 1, sc 29 (29)

Rnd 3: sc 29 (29)

Rnd 4: * sc 5, 2sc* x 4, sc 5 (33)

Rnd 5: sc 33 (33)

Rnd 6: hdc 33 (33)

slst 2, cut, tie, & weave in ends of color one

CC: color two (Brown)

Start back in Row 1, mark last stitch of Rnds with a stitch marker

Rnd 7: BLO - sc 29 (29)

Rnd 8: hdc 6, hdc2 tog, *hdc 5, hdc2tog*x3 (26)

slst 2, cut, tie, weave in ends.

Eye: Make Two


Color three (Black)

start with a MR

Rnd 1: sc 5 (5)

slst 2, leave a long tail for sewing, cut, & tie.

sew eyes about Rnd 2&3 of base with 3 stitches between eyes.

Ears: Make Two


Color one (Green)

ch 2

Row 1: in bb 2nd ch from hook, sc, ch 1 turn (1)

Row 2: 2sc, ch 1 turn (2)

Row 3: sc 2, ch 1 turn (2)

Row 4: 2sc, sc 1, ch 1 turn (3)

Row 5: sc 3, ch 1 turn (3)

Row 6: sc 1, 2sc, sc1, ch 1 turn (4)

Row 7: 2sc, sc 2, 2sc, ch 1 (no turn) (6)

Creating a border around the ear

Rnd 8: sc 6, 3sc, sc 6 (15)

option: for more of a pointed ear sub the 2nd sc of the 3sc for a picot stitch

slst in 1st stitch of Row 7 then slst into last stitch of row 7

leave long tail for sewing, cut, & tie

sew ears between Rnd 3&5 of Base and 1 or 2 stitches out from lateral edge of the eye

You can fold the bottom corner of the ears to the middle one row up before sewing for the fold-over effect.


Color one (Green)

With a tapestry needle: loop yarn around 2 or three stitches between Row 1 & Rnd 2

Embellishment options:

Change the positioning of the ears, and give the little guy some eyebrows to change their expression. Adding white to the eye could give the eye more depth.

Add some white yarn and brush it would for some hair for an older dude

Add some pink yarn or some blush/fabric paint to the inside of the ears

I hope you enjoyed making this coffee cup cozy and that it brings you joy when you use it!

Here are the links to get a pdf or digital follow-along pattern.

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Photos from some of the Fantastic pattern testers

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