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Bombs: sometimes they get dropped. A Bomb Crochet Pattern

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Posted per a special request.

I first made these many years ago, just free-hand some as they were requested while I was making other small crochet objects. Over the years I have made many batches of bombs, they make great gifts and can help to bring fun to the workplace.

My aunt Jody recently asked me to post the pattern I had made for myself to create these bombs, as she wanted to make a few for her friends. So, here is my bomb pattern.

You can check out other patterns I have in my Shops with the link buttons below.



Three to Six colors of worsted (4) weight

Three colors for the main part of the bomb

I used:

¹ Red Heart:Black- 4 yards

² Big Twist: Gray - 1 yard

³Red Heart: White - 1/2 to 3/4 yard

one to six colors for the flame at the end of the fuse:

1 yard total of any mix of colors you want to use

I used:

⁴Red Heart: Red

⁵Red Heart: Bright Yellow

⁶Red Heart: Orange

Note: this can be made with scrap yarn, the yardage will depend on chosen hook size

Crochet Hook:

E (3.50mm)

This is the hook size I used, with a 4"x4" gauge swatch by

Ch 18, Row 1: in 2nd bb from hook sc 17, Row 2 – 18: ch 1, turn, sc 17

to get a bomb measurement of: 1&1/4 wide, and 1&3/4" tall (not including fuse)

(with and G(4.00mm) measures 1& 1/2" wide and 2" tall, as you go up in hook size so will your bomb increase in size.)

Other Supplies:

Scissors, Tapestry needle, Stitch markers,

Poly-fil (or other stuffing/filling material found in optional supplies)

Optional supplies:

Bells (1inch), Squeakers (20mm), "super"-balls (not sure size, they come in quarter machines)


-It can be beneficial to look through the entire pattern before starting.

-Hook size and yarn can easily be substituted for the similar final product

-Each round will be worked continuously unless otherwise noted

-A stitch marker can be helpful to mark the end of each round

I hope you enjoy making and gifting these as much as I do!

Crochet your own F-Bomb

A Bomb Crochet Pattern

Bomb Ball:

¹ Red Heart: Black


Rnd 1: sc 6 in MR (6)

Rnd 2: [2sc]x6 (12)

Rnd 3 - 5 : sc 12 (12)

**Note: if adding the squeaker, bell or ball add them now

Rnd 6: [sc 2, sc2tog]x 3 (9)

start stuffing (unless you are adding the squeaker, bell or ball)

Rnd 7: [sc 1, sc2tog]x3 (6)

slst 2, cut, tie & weave in ends

finish stuffing

Bomb Cap:

² Big Twist: Gray


Rnd 1: sc 6 in MR (6)

Rnd 2: BLO- hdc 6 (6)

Rnd 3: slst 6

leave long tail for sewing cap to ball, cut, tie & weave in ends


Red Heart: White

on a tapestry needle embroider the letter you want on your bomb

weave the end through the middle of the cap.

Tie a knot about half an inch to an inch from the top of the cap, split what is above the knot (should be about 2 inches) tie around the "flame" of the fuse (creating a pom-pom at the end with the red, orange, and yellow). once the pom-pom at the end is made, separate out the strands of the pom-pom and brush it with a wire brush. (see video for clarification)

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